In my last post, I created a Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature converter with ChatGPT. I gave specific instructions on what to give me in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This time, I’m taking it up a notch and asking ChatGPT to build me a height converter using a piece of paper. 


Height Converter Instructions

This is what I want the Height Converter to look like. I also added specific instructions for the fields and button. I apologize for my 1st grader handwriting.

To test it out, I gave ChatGPT the most minimal instructions.


I put what ChatGPT gave me in CodePen and this is the result:

Height Converter Result

It works perfectly!

I wanted to make it look less basic, so I asked ChatGPT just one thing: “Can you redo the entire converter in a Twitter Bootstrap framework?”. Here’s the result:

Height Converter

Looks so much better using Bootstrap