I don’t have the best luck finding help for Pardot when on Google. There aren’t a ton of blogs and a lot of YouTube videos are outdated. However, the Pardot forum and Pardot subreddit. You can usually can get an answer in 24 hours or less.

But if I need serious and quick help with Pardot, I’d prefer to talk to a human being. That’s why I love their Office Hours.

Join Pardot Office Hours

1. Go to Pardot’s Success page, find the Pardot Experts Office Hours box (below), and click it.

2. Make sure you put in the appropriate time zone and look for an “Ask a Pardot Expert” event. They usually have them once or twice a day on weekdays. It’s usually at 2 PM EST but now I see they’ve been doing an additional one at 11 AM EST. Click the blue “Registration” button to join:

3. A popup will appear to ask for your contact information (name and email are the only required information). Once you submit, you’ll get an email in minutes that gives you a link to the webinar, as well as other instructions:

4. Before you join the webinar (by clicking the blue button), you need to go to Pardot forum and post your question there with the hashtag, #PardotOpenOfficeHour. This is also explained in the above email, along with a link. Here’s what a question looks like:

5. The Pardot Office Hours are first come, first serve so try to join the webinar right when it starts. Periodically, the moderators will show the queue of people they’ll be helping:

6. You’ll be on mute until it’s your turn.

Office webinar hours in action

I really like the webinar style. You can learn a lot from other peoples’ issues. If you’re really stuck, the Pardot moderator can even take control of your computer and do a lot for you. It’s a little creepy but it’s made my life easier many times.

If the moderator can’t help you, they’ll assist you in helping file a support ticket. I’ve never left a Pardot Office Hours with a question unanswered.