Instead of using regular Salesforce Accounts and Contacts, many medical practices use Person Accounts.

I noticed that many Person Accounts with multiple Opportunities would not have these Opportunities (besides their 1st one) in Pardot. This was a problem because I had automated lists in Pardot that relied on these Opportunities being there!

Help came to me in the Pardot forum! The fix is so simple!

When a Person Account has its first Opportunity created, they are, by default, the Primary Contact Role. But when it comes to the 2nd (and onward) Opportunity, this the Contact Role section is often blank:

All you need to do is click “New” and add the person (almost always the same person as the Person Account) as the Primary Contact. You can give them any role.

If you need this Opportunity to appear in Pardot ASAP, go to that person’s Pardot profile and click “Sync with CRM” and it’ll be there.

This might differ a little, depending on your organization’s Salesforce settings, but here is the criteria I used to create a Salesforce Report to catch Opportunities without Contact Roles:

Set up a graph in a Dashboard with this report and you’ll be able to catch Opportunities without Contact Roles in real-time!