My manager had a problem. She spent lot of time into creating emails and wanted to receive them when they went out to the general public, but she kept getting marked as “Opted Out” and “Do Not Email” in Pardot and Salesforce.

We’d change the settings in Pardot and Salesforce, but it kept getting changed back. Her email address on her Pardot would have the infamous red envelope next to it within minutes.

Finding Help

It was Friday right before President’s Day weekend so there wouldn’t be any Pardot Office hours until Monday and I needed this problem solved ASAP.

So I tried my luck with the Pardot Forum (what I call the Pardot section of the Trailblazer Community). Every Pardot user should know that after Pardot Office hours, this is the 2nd most valuable resource, followed by the Pardot subreddit.

Julie Leonard came to my rescue with her post within minutes on a Friday evening. What an awesome person!

Her suggestion fixed my problem immediately! I especially agree with her last sentence that this is a huge and unnecessary problem for Pardot and Salesforce to still have.

Thanks again for your help, Julie!

If this doesn’t work for anyone, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Step By Step Instructions

  • Open Tabs

    Open 2 tabs:

    • One for the Prospect in Pardot.
    • One for the same person’s record in Salesforce.
  • Salesforce Record

    Go to the Salesforce record:

    • Edit it and un-check “Do Not Email” box.
    • DO NOT hit save.
  • Pardot Record

    Go to the Prospect record in Pardot:

    • Click the Edit button in the top right corner.
    • Un-check the “Do Not Email” and “Opted Out” boxes.
    • Click Save.
  • Save The Record

    Go back to Salesforce and now save the record.

  • Confirmation

    If both Pardot & Salesforce have the “Do Not Email” box unchecked, you’re all set!