I worked in govtech at SeeClickFix (now CivicPlus) in both sales & marketing. Since then I’ve always had a fascination with how the public sector uses technology to better serve their residents.

What really appeals to me the most is helping local governments (who have limited budgets) become more automated, efficient, and transparent. So many local governments (and their residents) have to make due with awful websites, outdated internal communication (like sticky notes), and a lack of data to make any actionable changes. Govtech can be a real game changer. It’s great to see more municipalities become Smart Cities.

Recently, I created a content marketing & earned media plan for a govtech company. The company’s goal is to make resident and government communication easier using AI and other chat technologies. 

  • Each “content pillar” was a different feature or news the company wanted to promote
  • Using marketing funnel strategy, each content pillar was divided into 3 funnel stages (top, middle, bottom)
  • A/B testing is recommended throughout the plan to determine what gets prospects to act
  • Created an outreach strategy for earned media so company can demonstrate industry authority
  • Along with the marketing plan, I sent a 4 month timetable, necessary software, and overall cost (not shown on this post)

All identifying/confidential/propriety information has been redacted from the presentation.