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I’ve been a huge fan of the HBO series, The Sopranos. I’m also a huge trivia, pop culture, and history nerd.

To learn Canva, Facebook & Instagram advertising, and social media marketing, I created “Sopranos Trivia”, a Facebook and Instagram (much more active on this platform) accounts devoted to trivia about the series from September 2020 to October 2021.

To grow the audience, I experimented with paid methods (mostly boosted posts with A/B testing) and organic methods including:

  • Different formats (carousels, video, stories, etc.)
  • Hashtags
  • Tagging other accounts
  • Commenting and sharing other users’ content


  • Achieved 1,700+ Instagram & 550 Facebook followers in less than a year
    • As of 1/20/23: 3,128 Instagram & 1,117 Facebook followers
  • Received an average of 105 likes per Instagram post in 2021
  • Followed by all prominent influencers in The Sopranos Instagram fandom
  • Received likes, comments, & messages from 20+ cast members, including media personality Perez Hilton (see the hearts below):

Featured in Instagram stories by Oscar-nominated actress, Lorraine Bracco (Dr. Jennifer Melfi in The Sopranos, Karen Hill in Goodfellas) & actor/comedian, Aasif Mandvi (The Daily ShowSpider-Man 2, The Last Airbender).

Lorraine Bracco Sopranos Trivia Story
Aasif Mandvi Sopranos Trivia story

Pure Kino is a YouTuber whose channel focuses on film and television analysis (58.4K subscribers). His video, “The Soprano Family Tree EXPLAINED” used my family tree post as a source (at 1:55). He also mentioned me in his accompanying blog post, that features an updated family tree.

Blog Posts

Before “Sopranos Trivia”, I wrote 3 blog posts about The Sopranos:

The first 2 have consistently ranked on the first page of Google for queries such as “Sopranos family tree”, “Sopranos crime family”, “Sopranos hierarchy”, etc. often outranking Wikipedia and the Sopranos Wiki.

The Family Trees post has been copied by other blogs:


With the help of a freelancer, I created a poster of the Soprano (DiMeo) Crime Family organization, based on my blog post.

This poster is currently on Wikipedia and The Sopranos Wiki.

View the poster as a PDF (it’s a huge file)

I got to see Michael Imperioli (Christopher Moltisanti), Steve Schirripa (Bobby Bacala), & Vincent Pastore (Big Pussy) at “In Conversation with The Sopranos”.

St. George Theater, Staten Island NYC

St. George Theater, Staten Island NYC

Michael Imperioli signed my poster.

Michael Imperioli Autograph Sopranos Trivia

He’s holding the copy I gave him.

Michael Imperioli Sopranos Trivia poster