The Soprano Family Hierarchy


  1. This project shows the Soprano (DiMeo) organization’s power structure up to the last episode in 2007. The project only takes the series into account and not the film, The Many Saints of Newark.
  2. There are a lot of conflicting sources on the exact hierarchy. This chart is my best interpretation of all these sources.
  3. Each character is shown at his latest rank.
  4. Only characters who appeared in 2 or more episodes are featured.
  5. A character is pictured more than once if they were promoted to leadership or switched crews.
  6. Tony Soprano’s fate is not mentioned on purpose.


Includes bosses, underbosses, & consiglieres.


No consigliere or underboss was mentioned during this administration. Tony Soprano served as street boss while Jackie Aprile Sr. was suffering from cancer.

Ercole Dimeo Boss The Sopranos
Giacomo Jackie Aprile Acting Boss

1999 – 2005

Junior Sopranos was the family’s official boss from 2000 – 2005, but Tony Soprano was always the acting street boss.

Corrado Junior Soprano boss The Sopranos
Michael Mikey Palmice Consigliere The Sopranos
Joseph Beppy Sasso Underboss The Sopranos

2005 – 2007

Anthony Tony Soprano Boss
Consigliere Silvio Sil Dante The Sopranos
Former Underboss Robert Bobby Bacala Baccalieri


Both active & defunct crews. Includes caporegimes, soldiers, & associates.

Active Crew: Tony Soprano Crew

Christopher Moltisanti served as acting capo while Paulie Gualtieri was incarcerated in 2002.

Former Capo Caporegime Anthony Tony Soprano
Presumed Capo Caporegime Pasquale Patsy Parisi
Former Soldier Silvio Dante
Former Soldier Salvatore Big Pussy Bonpensiero
Burt Gervasi Former Soldier
Paul Little Paulie Germani Associate The Sopranos
Frank Frankie Cortese Associate The Sopranos
Associate Jason Parisi Sopranos
Former Associate Matthew Bevilaqua Matt Drinkwater Sopranos
Sean Gismonte Associate Sopranos

Active Crew: Barese Crew

Reported to be the largest crew in the family. No other members identified in 2007.

Defunct Crew: Moltisanti Crew

Absorbed into the Tony Soprano Crew.

Christopher Moltisanti Capo The Sopranos
Benito Benny Fazio Soldier The Sopranos
Jason Murmur Zancone Associate Sopranos
Peter LaRosa Bissell Sopranos Associate
Corky Caporale Associate The Sopranos
Perry Annunziata Muscles Marinara Sopranos

Defunct Crew: Aprile Crew

Absorbed into the Tony Soprano Crew.

Richard Richie Aprile Sopranos Capo
Gianluigi Cestone Gigi Sopranos Capo
Sopranos Ralph Ralphie Cifaretto Capo
Vito Spatafore Capo Sopranos
Former Capo Eugene Gene Pontecorvo Sopranos
Associate Bryan Spatafore The Sopranos
Associate Robert Zanone The Sopranos
Associate Dogsy The Sopranos
Dante Greco Buddha Associate The Sopranos
Jason Molinaro Associate The Sopranos
Donald Kafranza Donny K The Sopranos
Giacomo Jackie Junior Jr Aprile Associate The Sopranos
Carlo Renzi Associate The Sopranos
Dino Zerelli Associate The Sopranos

Defunt Crew: Altieri Crew

Absorbed into the Tony Soprano Crew.

James Jimmy Altieri Caporegime Sopranos
Carlo Gervasi Capo The Sopranos
Walden Belfiore Soldier Sopranos
Terry Doria Associate Sopranos
Jason Gervasi Sopranos Associate
Former Associate Anthony Tony B Blundetto Sopranos

Defunt Crew: Junior Soprano Crew

Absorbed into the Tony Soprano Crew.

Former Capo Corrado Junior Soprano
Former Capo Philip Philly Spoons Parisi The Sopranos
Former Capo Murf Lupo The Sopranos
Former Capo Bobby Bacala Robert Baccalieri The Sopranos
Anthony Maffei Tony Black Soldier The Sopranos
Giuseppe Scerbo Beppy Soldier The Sopranos
Former Soldier Charles Chucky Signore The Sopranos
Joseph Beppy Sasso Former Soldier The Sopranos
Former Soldier Michael Mikey Palmice The Sopranos
Associate George Gus Esposito The Sopranos

Defunct Crew: La Manna Crew

Michele Feech La Manna Sopranos Capo
Associate Sopranos Gary LaManna
Associate James LaManna The Sopranos

Defunct Crew: Curto Crew

No other members identified in 2007.

Raymond Ray Curto Sopranos Capo