The Lupertazzi Family Hierarchy


  1. This project shows the Lupertazzi (New York) organization’s power structure up to the last episode in 2007.
  2. There was only one image and one Wiki article about the hierarchy. This chart is my best interpretation of it.
  3. Each character is shown at his latest rank.
  4. A character is pictured more than once if they were promoted to leadership.


Includes bosses, underbosses, & consiglieres.

Pre-1999 – 2004

Carmine Lupertazzi Sr Boss The Sopranos
John Johnny Sack Sacrimoni Underboss The Sopranos

2004 – 2006

John Johnny Sack Sacrimoni boss The Sopranos
Philip Phil Leotardo underboss The Sopranos
James Jimmy Petrille Former Consigliere The Sopranos
Albert Albie Cianflone Former Consigliere The Sopranos


Faustino Doc Santoro boss The Sopranos


Philip Phil Leotardo boss The Sopranos
BUTCH Butchie DECONCINI underboss The Sopranos
Albert Albie Cianflone Consigliere The Sopranos


Includes caporegimes, soldiers, & associates.

DeConcini Crew

BUTCH DECONCINI caporegime The Sopranos
Raymond D'Abaldo Ray Ray Soldier Sopranos
Salvatore Coco Cogliano Soldier Sopranos
Peter Bucossi Petey B Soldier Sopranos
Dominic Lupertazzi Soldier Sopranos

Miami Crew

Carmine Little Carmine Lupertazzi caporegime The Sopranos
Lorraine Calluzzo Associate The Sopranos
Associate Jason Evanina The Sopranos

Leotardo Crew

Philip LeoTARDO caporegime The Sopranos
GERARDO Gerry TORCIANO caporegime The Sopranos
Dominic Gamiello Fat Dom Soldier Sopranos
Billy Leotardo Associate Sopranos
Joseph Peperelli Joey Peeps Associate Sopranos
Anthony Lupertazzi Associate Sopranos
JASON MASUCCI Associate Sopranos
David Pasquale Associate Sopranos
Muzzy Nardo Associate Sopranos
Jimmy Lauria Associate Sopranos

Long Island Crew

Brooklyn Crew

JAMES Jimmy PETRILE caporegime The Sopranos

Millio Crew

Rusty Millio Frankie Valli caporegime The Sopranos
Edward Eddie Pietro Former Soldier Sopranos
Mook Lupertazzi Associate Sopranos